Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams

Review written by Flossie Waite
Theatre Fideri Fidera in association with Komedia
Half Moon Theatre
Touring until 5th April

Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams ends with performer Natasha Granger carefully moving everything on stage to create an exact replica of an illustration from the original picture book by Hans Fischer.  Throughout the production, still images either from, or in the style of, the book  are projected onto cloth at the back of the stage, changing in sync with the action. The result is a play that feels less than an adaptation, but more than a storytelling session.

Pitschi the kitten lives with Grandma Lisette on a farm in the Swiss Alps. Exploring her home, she dreams of becoming one of the menagerie of other animals around her – a chick or a duck, a goat or even a bunny!

Granger’s is a warm and enthusiastic performance, with the Swiss-inspired sounds and songs demonstrating her abilities as a singer. The focus truly remains on her; it’s a striking choice not to use puppets in the play and the stuffed animals do feel like props on a couple of occasions. However, the collection of cats are a definite hit – when a whole basket of tiny kittens are revealed, there’s no end of cooing. There’s even a chance for the audience to get on stage and stroke a very soggy moggy, after Pitschi gets wet trying to be a duck.

Though Pitschi is bound a little too closely to the page, you’d have to have a heart of Swiss cheese and an aversion to cute, fluffy things to dislike this show.

Image by Matthew Andrews

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