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In 2013 I created Children’s Theatre Reviews to help plug the significant gap in criticism and writing about theatre for young audiences. Since then I’ve seen and reviewed as many shows as possible – without pay and in my spare time – to help give children’s theatre the voice it deserves. I focus especially on the fringe venues and smaller companies most at risk of being overlooked. I’m delighted that the site has grown to become a platform for other critics, and I love editing and publishing their reviews.

Any sophisticated art form is further enriched by critical writing. The relative lack of writing about theatre for young audiences means that:

  • shows for young people struggle to gain cultural value and significance
  • companies and artists don’t have access to vital feedback and possible publicity
  • transient productions (usually without a published script or available recording) are at risk of disappearing completely – theatre criticism “is a large part of a show’s afterlife”

That’s where Children’s Theatre Reviews comes in! The website aims to:

  • start conversations about children’s theatre;
  • offer good quality, intelligent criticism;
  • support accessibility to children’s theatre;
  • encourage attendance at children’s theatre; and
  • write about companies and productions that are often overlooked by the mainstream media

Funding will help me to:

  • dedicate more time to writing and criticism
  • support and publicise the sector by thoughtfully writing about it
  • continue to focus on performances at fringe venues
  • expand coverage outside of London and across the UK
  • support and encourage more reviewers to write about children’s theatre, and offer them a platform

Please take a look at our Patreon account so that the website can continue covering and supporting the sector. For as little as $3 a month (less than a cup of coffee), you can help give children’s theatre the voice it deserves. Here’s the link:

Thank you so much for your help,

Flossie x