Children’s Theatre Reviews aims to:

start conversations about children’s theatre;
offer good quality, intelligent criticism;
encourage attendance at children’s theatre;
support accessibility to children’s theatre; and
write about companies and productions that are often overlooked by the mainstream media


Flossie Waite, Editor

It’s safe to say that the Christmas of ’92 – when 23-month-old me was taken to 22 shows – marked the beginning of my love for children’s theatre. Over 25 years after this introduction, I’m keen to share how exciting, innovative, inspiring, original and truly magical so much of theatre for young audiences is.

I completed an MPhil in Children’s Literature, with a thesis exploring why children’s theatre isn’t taken seriously in academia. One of the biggest reasons was a lack of literature and criticism, so in 2013 I set up Children’s Theatre Reviews to help plug that gap.

All my work since then has focused on supporting young people’s access to and participation in high-quality cultural experiences, and the artists, venues and companies that facilitate them. I co-founded Page One Theatre, who aim to throw open the doors to the theatre world for those at the beginning of their journey; edited Arts Award Voice, an online magazine created by young people, for young people interested in the arts; worked as a drama workshop assistant at Polka Theatre; volunteered at Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a charity whose mission is to increase young people’s access to the best of live theatre in London; and now work at Oily Cart overseeing the company’s engagement and participation.

I am a writer, editor, dramaturg and facilitator – I have written about theatre for young audiences both online and in print, attended TakeOff Festival as Reviewer in Residence, and co-delivered workshops as part of Little Angel Theatre’s Young Critics scheme.

For all enquiries, including if you would like to contribute to the website, contact flossie.waite@gmail.com or find us @ctheatrereviews

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