Children’s Theatre Reviews is no longer active, but the site remains live as a review archive.

Children’s Theatre Reviews aims were to:

start conversations about children’s theatre;
offer good quality, intelligent criticism;
encourage attendance at children’s theatre;
support accessibility to children’s theatre; and
write about companies and productions that are often overlooked by the mainstream media

Flossie Waite, Editor

I completed an MPhil in Children’s Literature, with a thesis exploring why children’s theatre isn’t taken seriously in academia. One of the biggest reasons was a lack of literature and criticism, so in 2013 I set up Children’s Theatre Reviews to help plug that gap.

All my work since then has focused on supporting young people’s access to and participation in high-quality cultural experiences, and the artists, venues and companies that facilitate them. I co-founded Page One Theatre, who aim to throw open the doors to the theatre world for those at the beginning of their journey; edited Arts Award Voice, an online magazine created by young people, for young people interested in the arts; worked as a drama workshop assistant at Polka Theatre; volunteered at Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a charity whose mission is to increase young people’s access to the best of live theatre in London; and now work at Oily Cart overseeing the company’s communications and engagement.

I am a writer, editor, dramaturg and facilitator – I have written about theatre for young audiences both online and in print, attended TakeOff Festival as Reviewer in Residence, and co-delivered workshops as part of Little Angel Theatre’s Young Critics scheme.

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