Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks

Reviewed by Kristy Stott
A Birmingham Stage Company production

Reviewed at the Lowry Theatre, Salford
Touring nationally until 16th July 2016
For ages 5+


Groovy Greeks is the energetic and informative new Horrible Histories show produced by The Birmingham Stage Company. Currently being performed in rep alongside Incredible Invaders, Groovy Greeks flies through thousands of years of Greek history faster than soaring Apollo on his fiery chariot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 21.01.23

Based on the brilliant books by Terry Deary, the CBBC show Horrible Histories has always been welcomed viewing in our house. Encompassing history, fun and gore, it is as much fun for parents as it is for children.

The energetic storytelling by the cast of four is really complimented by designer Jacqueline Trousdale’s 3D animation and the Bogglevision 3D specs which are handed out to the audience for the second half. The action is given a full seal of approval by the original author Terry Deary too, his familiar rich tone providing the voice of Zeus.

Read the rest of the review from Kristy Stott here.

Kristy Stott is an entertainment journalist, theatre critic and general arts lover. She runs Upstaged Manchester, an entertainment site dedicated to the thriving, eclectic and innovative theatre scene in the North West of England. Follow Upstaged Manchester @UpstagedMCR

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