The Hunting of the Snark

Review by Kirsty Alexander
A Sherman Cymru, Alice House Theatre & RGM Production
Reviewed at the Sherman Theatre
Running until 29th July 2016

Sometimes you just need a bit of silliness in your week, and The Hunting of the Snark at the Sherman Theatre is just what the doctor ordered. In collaboration with Alice House and RGM Productions, this production has taken over the main house in delightfully bonkers fashion.

Adapted from the 1874 Lewis Carroll poem, this piece has been brought right up to the present day with pop culture references making this a slice of pure fun for all ages.  The set takes us on a journey from London to the upside down world of Snark Island as Mr Belman, the Banker, the Boy, the Baker and the Butcher go on a expedition to find the Snark.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 17.15.22

Image by Mark Truro

As the group set off on their adventure, they encounter many hilarious animals including a knitting beaver, the brilliantly colourful Jub Jub bird and the light-fingered Bandersnatch – the younger members of the audience were not alone in their shrieks of laughter at the slapstick humour and witty lyrics. Amidst the topsy turvy world, this tale is full of adventure, bravery and above all, family.

The whole cast is fantastic as they switch between characters, and burst into each new song as effortlessly as the last. Polly Smith is especially brilliant as the Butcher as she snorts and cackles with glee at the thought of a nice piece of Snark (you know the type: the Olly Murs of food!).

With a brilliant on-stage soundtrack from the constantly ridiculed Steve, Gemma Colclough’s direction is bursting with imagination and a contagious silliness. A wonderfully delicious summer treat that will leave the whole family with their feet tapping and tears of laughter running down their face!

Kirsty works at the Wales Millenium Centre, the leading arts centre in Wales. She is part of the Welsh Young Critics’ scheme, and you can read more of her reviews on herblog. Follow Kirsty @chaotickirstyy

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