Snow Mouse

Reviewed by Flossie Waite
A Travelling Light and the egg co-production
Reviewed at the Barbican 
Playing until 23rd December
For ages 3 months – 3 years

Until today, the idea of a festive rodent would only call to mind the still and silent creature – doing absolutely no stirring – in the opening lines of ‘Twas the night before Christmas… But then the egg and Travelling Light introduced me to Snow Mouse – so white he’d blend into the snow were it not for his adorable red shorts and tiny pink paws, and so playful that, had he been inside the house on the night before Christmas, that famous poem would have begun very differently – and everything changed. What could bring greater tidings of comfort and joy than a spirited mouse wearing braces and playing in the snow?

Photo: Lidia Crisafulli

Snow Mouse isn’t alone in his adventures. He’s woken up by a little boy intent on touching, tasting and travelling every inch of the white stuff, and together they spend the day gliding over frozen ice, sliding down hills of snow, and keeping each other warm. Performer Frank Wurzinger so convincingly feels the cold that the room does start to seem a bit chilly, though in reality the set is more furry than snow-flakey. Shoes come off as the audience are welcomed into a perfectly white winter wonderland, with Edwina Bridgeman’s gorgeous design as nice to feel as it is to look at.

As night falls and the fairy lights dim, perhaps a more natural alternative to the rather abrupt ending would see the pair heading off to sleep. But other than that, this is a sweet, gentle show with plenty to get its very young audience giggling.

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