Twitter accounts every children’s theatre lover should follow

Towards the end of 2014, we put together this list of children’s theatre-related Twitter accounts to follow; that was over 2 and a half years ago, so it’s definitely due for an update. Last time, we featured 45 handles, but the list has almost tripled to include even more individuals, venues, companies, festivals and organisations that are creating, supporting, presenting or writing about theatre for young audiences.



The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective. A 20 Stories High and Theatre-Rites co-production in association with Unity Theatre, Liverpool. Picture: Robert Day

  • @A1000Cranes A Thousand Cranes was co-founded by artistic directors Kumiko Mendl & Vicky Ireland. The company aim to bring the ‘stories, traditions, art forms and artists of Japan’ to children’s theatre in the UK
    Read our review of Me and My Cat?
  • @floodsofink When we first encountered Floods of Ink in 2014, it was hard to believe they were an emerging company, as their work was already so accomplished and polished. A few years later, and Floods of Ink are continuing to create high-quality work for young people, whether their audience are under 6 or teenagers
    Read our review of People Are People
  • @CWheelsTheatre Award-winning company Catherine Wheels have toured across the world, including to New York, where Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker described show White as ‘the best 40 minutes of my life’
    Read our review of White
  • @feveredsleep Fevered Sleep’s artistic, surreal tweets are always a joy. The company make brave, experimental, challenging new work in performance, installation, film, publication and digital art
  • @tuttifruttiprod tutti frutti work with acclaimed playwrights like Mike Kenny and Emma Reeves to create new shows with original scripts that are both entertaining and relevant to their young audience
    Read our review of Underneath A Magical Moon
  • @theatriolo Theatr Iolo want to welcome babies to the theatre at 6 months old, and continue to create work that will engage and excite them for the rest of their life
    Read our review of Baby Show
  • @oilycart Oily Cart create multi-sensory, immersive and highly interactive          productions for very young children (aged 6 months – 6 years), and for young people (aged 3 – 19) with profound and multiple learning disabilities, who have an autism spectrum condition, or who are deafblind
    Read our review of Light Show
  • @hullabalootweet Theatre Hullabaloo, based in the North East, make, tour and promote high quality theatre for young people, who they consider the most important audience of all. They also produce the annual TakeOff Festival
    Read our review of Angel
  • @TCLive Theatre Centre have been touring new writing to venues and schools around the country for over 60 years. The company aim to encourage youth activism and empower young leadership through the arts
    Read our review of Rise Up
  • @20StoriesHigh Our first experience of 20 Stories High was their 2016 co-production with Theatre-Rites, The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective; even now, we can’t stop thinking about it. The Liverpool-based company make theatre with and for young people, producing work that is honest, political and challenging
    Read our review of The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective
  • @hetfiliaaltm The festival formerly-known-as Imaginate introduced us to a number of European theatre companies, including the thought-provoking, multi-layered, entertaining work of Het Filiaal, who are based in the Dutch city of Utrecht
    Read our review of The Great Illusionist
  • @KOPERGIETERY Kopergietery is actually a children’s arts centre in Gent, though they tour their unpredictable, zany, beautiful work outside of Belgium. We came into contact with them at the 2016 Edinburgh International Children’s Festival
    Read our review of Broken Dreams
  • @ZooNationUK Watch a ZooNation production and your face will hurt from smiling. Responsible for the first ever hip hop dance production on the West End,  the company often adapt fairytales and children’s books using their own high-energy, humorous, imaginative style
    Read our review of Into The Hoods: Remixed
  • @PetitsTheatre Les Petits Theatre Company is the children’s arm of the acclaimed Les Enfants Terribles. Les Petits adapt much-loved children’s books, both new (David Walliams’ The First Hippo on the Moon) and old (Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland)
    Read the interview with David Walliams about The First Hippo On The Moon
  • @Freckle_Prods Jennifer Sutherland, co-founder of the multi-award winning Scamp Theatre, recently launched Freckle Productions. The new company will continue to focus on productions for children, young people and families, but with a broader output of work: as well as stage adaptations, there will be original and emerging tales, ancient stories, and explorations of science and the environment
    Read our interview with Jennifer Sutherland
  • @tl_theatre Bristol-based Travelling Light Theatre Company have been making highly visual, story-led theatre for young audiences for over 30 years
    Read our review of Into The West
  • @birminghamstage Since 1992, the Birmingham Stage Company have produced over 80 productions for adults and children. Most recently, these have included popular adaptations of the Horrible Histories series, of Roald Dahl’s books, and   David Walliams’s recent releases
    Read our review of Horrible Histories: Incredible Invaders
  • @2_ndhanddance Second Hand Dance keep children central to their creative process, working with young people to develop and play with ideas for their shows
    Read about the development of the company’s show Getting Dressed
  • @TurnedOnItsHead Turned On Its Head create interactive theatrical experiences for the very young, with their productions encouraging and offering opportunities for children and adults to engage and play together
    Read our review of Shiny
  • @wrongsemble Wrongsemble pride themselves on creating shows accessible to everyone, ‘from the young of  passport to the young of heart’
  • @Papertaleshows Papertale is the spoken word theatre company led by Rosemary Harris. Papertale’s lyrical productions confront important topics, from gender identity to asylum-seeking
    Read our review of Map Of Me
  • @reallybptheatre Really Big Pants Theatre Company pull each performance (and pair of big pants) out of their huge travelling trunk. Often tied to educational themes, their productions aim to complement the primary school curriculum
    Read our review of Plundered!
  • @_oldsaw Old Saw create productions from their base in Northwest Iceland. Recent shows have been for  very young children, like Meadow aimed at ages 3-6, and Duvet Day, for babies and toddlers aged 0-18 months
  • @frozentheatre Frozen Light Theatre Company was created by two friends who met at university and went on to develop their own form of multi-sensory theatre for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • @bigwintheatre Key to Big Window Theatre’s ethos is creating work that is accessible to all, culturally, financially and geographically. They also collaborate with local practitioners, venues and companies in order to promote and develop theatre within the East Midlands
    Read our review of One Finger, One Thumb
  • @PiedPiperLive Another long-standing company is Pied Piper Theatre, who have been producing plays for young audiences since 1984. While originally much of Pied Piper’s work was new writing by Artistic Director Tina Williams, the company also tour new adaptations, like the Janet and Allan Ahlberg classic Burglar Bill
    Read our review of Burglar Bill
  • @TravelledC Travelled Companions create original shows for young audiences; they perfectly pitch their engaging productions to meet children at their level
    Read our review of Where Caterpillars Go
  • @filskittheatre Filskit, a trio of theatremakers, have been using multimedia technology (in particular, projectors) to create high-quality children’s theatre since 2009
    Read our review of Bright Sparks
  • @TheatreLovett Irish company Theatre Lovett create imaginative, fun, surprising and daring productions for young audiences
    Read our review of The Girl Who Forgot How To Sing
  • @thewidders Widdershins Theatre tell fairytales, folk tales and myths from around the world using puppetry and quirky props
  • @TheatreAlibi Theatre Alibi draw on a variety of art forms to tell their stories, with recent productions including puppetry, animation, film, photography and music
  • @GomitoTheatre Gomito Theatre is a collaboration between an ever-changing collection of artists. With each performance, the company aim to bring an all-age audience of story-lovers together
    Read our review of Chester Tuffnut
  • @pinsandneedles0 Pins and Needles Productions have gained praise for their stellar adaptations of Raymond Briggs’ work – in their review of The Bear, The Guardian said ‘move over War Horse, this polar puppet is magic’
    Read our review of The Bear
  • @Bamboozlenews Bamboozle Theatre create multi-sensory theatrical experiences for young people with moderate to profound learning difficulties, and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties
    Read our review of Down To Earth
  • @HorseandBamboo Horse + Bamboo is a puppet and mask company that have been creating theatre for almost 40 years. As well as touring their work, the company host a programme of productions, workshops, an annual puppet festival and more at The Boo, their venue in Lancashire
  • @ATTtweet Action Transport Theatre put children at the heart of their creative process; each of their productions is a result of this collaboration
  • @wriggledance Wriggle Dance Theatre create interactive dance performances for young children and their families. Community outreach and engagement accompanies every production, to reach and introduce new audiences to dance
    Read our review of The Colour Of Me
  • @StarcatchersUK Starcatchers is Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years organization, specializing in theatre and creative experiences and activity for children aged 0-5
    Read our review of Blue Block Studio
  • @hellolittleblue Little Blue Monster create shows based on popular children’s books, like Oliver Jeffers’ Lost and Found, and their own original stories
  • @LongNosePuppets In just over a decade, Long Nose Puppets have created four puppet shows for children that have been performed in all sorts of places, from the National Gallery to Downing Street
    Read our review of Flyaway Katie
  • @ReplayTheatreCo Based in Northern Ireland but touring internationally, Replay Theatre Company create theatre for young people under the age of 19. In 2015 they created the world’s first ever BabyDay, offering over 80 events across venues in Belfast
  • @scamptheatre Scamp Theatre produce adaptations of hugely successful children’s literature; most recently, a collaboration with Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler has seen Scamp bring The Scarecrows’ Wedding and Stick Man to the stage
    Read our review of The Scarecrows’ Wedding
  • @KazzumArts Kazzum create ‘playful theatre in unusual places’, whether that’s a festival, a shopping centre or a car park
  • @TheatreRites Theatre-Rites have been creating experimental theatre for children since 1995. With their ‘object-led’ theatre, Theatre-Rites have produced site responsive pieces as well as toured shows nationally and internationally
  • @garlic_theatre Garlic Theatre create imaginative, sometimes surreal, highly visual puppet theatre for young audiences and their families
    Read our review of Shoe Kangaroo and the Big Bad Boot
  • @ripstoptheatre Created by theatremaker Zannie Fraser, Ripstop Theatre initially produced shadow theatre for young audiences, though their work has since developed to include other forms of puppetry and storytelling, always expertly designed
  • @WizardPresents Wizard Presents’s hugely successful adaptations of Michael Morpurgo’s books Why The Whales Came and I Believe In Unicorns have been seen by tens of thousands of children all over the country
    Read our review of Why The Whales Came
  • @fishngame Fish And Game, the Glasgow-based performance company, create shows ‘straddling theatre, live art and visual art’. Over the past few years, their polar bear-inspired shows have toured both nationally and internationally
  • @TellTaleHeart Tell Tale Hearts devises and tours accessible participatory theatre for children that combines installation, puppetry, performance, music and projection
    Read our review of Inside Out
  • @CSS_theatre Can’t Sit Still make circus and theatre that tells stories, starts conversations, and tries to change the world.
  • @GoblinTheatre We’ve been following Goblin ever since Emily’s Rising at Little Angel Theatre, a show that encapsulates the company’s core values and style. Goblin believe it’s important for children to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the stories they are told, and their shows are characterised by innovative use of original music, wild creativity and a dose of anarchy.
    Read our review of Emily Rising
  • @FullHouseTheaCo Full House Theatre Company craft, programme and develop theatre and performance projects for, by and with children and young people. Their mission is to enrich young creative minds, delight young audiences, nurture a lifelong connection with the arts and create lasting memories.
    Read our review of The Owl and The Pussycat
  • @FEEL_Theatre FEEL Theatre is formed of experienced facilitators, performers, theatre-makers and artists that have a passion for creating sensory stories, shows and experiences for and with young people with Profound and Multiple Disabilities (PMLD) and Special Educational Need and Disabilities (SEND).
  • @FTDanceTheatre Forest Tribe Dance Theatre is an innovative, interactive dance theatre company making immersive shows for children. They tour venues across the UK, visiting schools and libraries as well as larger venues, bringing performances to children who might otherwise never see theatre.
  • @Bambolinandodo Circle of Two is a circus, puppetry and physical theatre company based in the South East of England founded by Celia Mendizabal and Ralph Taylor.
  • @FullyBookedNow Fully Booked Theatre is a children’s theatre company specialising in both indoor and outdoor immersive performances for young audiences. Formed in 2017 by Canadian dance choreographer Jennifer Essex and English poet Harry Man, Fully Booked Theatre joyfully plops the worlds of dance and poetry into the mixer and whizzes the two together.



Shona Reppe in The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean. Picture: Eoin Carey

  • @sargent65 Sarah Argent is a prolific director and writer creating work for early years audiences
    Read our review of Scrunch
  • @tessabide Tessa Bide is a writing, directing, performing, puppeteering, tap-dancing whirlwind, touring her own one-woman productions for young people, as well as working with other children’s theatre companies
    Read our review of The Tap Dancing Mermaid
  • @shonareppe Shona Reppe is another amazing theatremaker who can do it all, creating small scale touring theatre shows for children
    Read our review of The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean
  • @SueBuckmaster Sue Buckmaster is the Artistic Director of leading children’s theatre company Theatre-Rites. She is particularly interested in object-led theatre and is nicknamed the The Puppet Whisperer
    Read our interview with Sue Buckmaster
  • @adampuppet Formerly the Artistic Director of Little Angel Theatre, Adam Bennett is co-founder of DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre, and if you love puppets, you’ll love his tweets
    Read our review of Chicken Licken
  • @PeteTrash Peter Glanville founded Kazzum, a theatre company creating professional theatre for children to  bridge the gap between education and entertainment. He went on to become Artistic Director of Little Angel Theatre, and is now the Artistic Director of Polka Theatre
  • @miranda_thain Miranda Thain is Creative Producer at Theatre Hullabaloo, and has lots of experience with theatre for young audiences, having worked for tutti frutti, M6 Theatre Company and Konflux Theatre in Education
  • @Chloe_PageOne Chloe is Artistic Director of children’s theatre company Page One. She is also a freelance director, Foundation Course Coordinator at ALRA, and Drama Programme Manager at Morley College
  • @EvanPlacey From ADHD to social media and sexual pressure, playwright Evan Placey has been praised for his ‘shockingly frank’ explorations of controversial topics
    Read our review of Wild!
  • @RachelBetts4 Rachel Betts is a director, teacher and theatremaker specializing in theatre for young audiences
  • @mfdoherty One of our favourite productions of 2016 was Mary-Frances Doherty’s Katie’s Birthday Party, a brave, realistic, challenging look at life in a new school. We can’t wait to see what she does next!
    Read our review of Katie’s Birthday Party
  • @Sinclair_Greg Greg Sinclair is a composer and theatremaker who has worked with children’s theatre companies like Starcatchers and Fish and Game
  • @annanewellAnna Newell ‘created the world’s first BabyDay, introduced theatre for children with PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties) to Northern Ireland, and helped start babytheatre in South Africa’. No wonder she recently won a Tonic Theatre Award recognizing women who are changing the face of UK theatre
  • @MrNoelJordan Noel Jordan is the Festival Director of Edinburgh International Children’s Festival (formerly Imaginate Festival)
  • @Heidi_Vaughan1 Previously Artistic Director with Kazzum, Heidi Vaughan is joining Bristol-based company Travelling Light as their new Artistic Producer
    Read our interview with Heidi Vaughan
  • @emmajanereeves Emma Reeves is an acclaimed playwright who wrote tutti frutti’s Snow Child and adapted Jacqueline Wilson’s book Hetty Feather
    Read our interview with playwright Emma Reeves
  • @samslane Samantha Lane is the recently appointed Artistic Director of Little Angel. Her directing debut for the theatre, Let’s Fly, showcased her instinctive understanding of young audiences
    Read our review of Let’s Fly
  • @LyngoTheatre Patrick Lynch is the director of children’s theatre company Lyngo Theatre (as well as a TV presenter for CBeebies programmes)
  • @danielbye Mention Polka Theatre, and invariably someone will say, “Did you see their show Error 404?” Daniel Bye’s interactive, provocative play is hard to forget, and a clear sign of the talents of this theatremaker
    Read our review of Error 404
  • @HutchinsonMatt Matt Hutchinson is a puppetry designer, maker, performer and director, who has worked with companies like Out Of Joint, Theatre-Rites, and 20StoriesHigh, and with venues such as Unicorn Theatre and Discover Children’s Story Centre
    Read our review of Drip Drop
  • @bfletcherwatson Dr Ben Fletcher-Watson is a drama researcher and theatremaker interested in theatre for the very young, releaxed performances and inclusive practice
    Read Ben’s top tips for taking your baby to the theatre for the first time
  • @TonyReekie Formerly Director of Imaginate, Tony Reekie still works in children’s theatre, including as the director for ASK, the recently opened Art Space for Kids in Shanghai
  • @Nina_Haj Nina Hajiyianni is the Artistic Director of Action Transport Theatre, and serves on the board of TYA UK as Chair and International Representative
    Read our interview with Nina Hajiyianni
  • @Marendsio Theatremaker Mark Arends is the founder and director of Make Mend and Do. His productions blend puppetry, technology, animation, projection, and live music to show the audience the process of creation and its final product simultaneously
    Read our review of Something Very Far Away
  • @RHWords Rosemary Harris is founder of spoken word company Papertale. She has been involved in Papertale’s productions as a writer, producer, director and performer
  • @Romantwit Roman Stefanski is associate director at Polka Theatre, and has been working at the venue for many years
  • @TimOilyCart Tim Webb is one of the founders of Oily Cart. He has written and directed over 80 of the company’s productions, and also delivers training in the company’s multi-sensory, immersive style of theatremaking for audiences with complex needs
  • @Lori_Hopkins Lori Hopkins is a puppeteer specialising in theatre for young audiences, who works with venues and companies like Little Angel Theatre, Polka Theatre, Bamboozle Theatre, and Royal & Derngate
  • @Dabrhythm Debbie Bandara is an artist, director, choreographer and producer. She is founder and Artistic Director of Forest Tribe Dance Theatre, an immersive dance theatre company making original shows for children and families, and has also worked with Oily Cart as a choreographer and Associate Director.


Action for Children's Arts.jpg

  • @ASSITEJ ASSITEJ Int is the International Association of Theaters for Young Audiences. It aims to bring together the community of theatres, organizations and individuals across the world who are dedicated to theatre for children and young people
  • @TYAUK1 Theatre for Young Audiences UK (TYA UK) is the UK centre of ASSITEJ
  • @KidsWeek Kids Week runs throughout the whole month of August, helping children to go to participating shows either for free or for a reduced price
  • @childrensarts Action For Children’s Arts is a UK charity campaigning for children’s equal rights to the arts, connecting like-minded professionals and celebrating children’s arts in the UK
  • @ImaginateUK Imaginate promote and develop the performing arts for children and young people in Scotland, and organize the incredible Edinburgh         International Children’s Festival each year
  • @BImaginations Big Imaginations is a consortium of venues and promoters dedicated to bringing high-quality children’s theatre to the North West


Edinburgh International Children's Festival.jpg

Edinburgh International Children’s Festival. Picture: Kat Gollock

  • @IYAF The International Youth Arts Festival at the Rose Theatre in Kingston runs every July and is the largest youth arts festival of its kind in the UK
  • @TakeOffFestival TakeOff Festival is a week-long festival bringing some of the best theatre for young audiences to the North East each Autumn
  • @boingfestival bOing! Festival is a jam-packed weekend full of activities, performances, workshops and art installations based at The Gulbenkian, Kent and taking place at the end of August
  • @justsofestival Just So Festival is a camping festival for children and their families based at Rode Hall, Cheshire. The woodland setting is a lovely backdrop for the theatrical, visual and musical performances, workshops and installations on offer
  • @starboardfest Starboard Festival offers outside performances created by, for and with young people up to the age of 21. Taking place in the Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT), the festival took place for the first time in 2016
  • @BaboroGalway Based in Galway, Barboro International Arts Festival for Children is a week-long international arts festival for children, schools and families
  • @thesparkarts The Spark is an annual festival that takes place around May/June and is hosted by venues across Leicester


Little Angel Theatre

Little Angel Theatre. Picture:

  • @jacksons_lane Jacksons Lane has been a flagship arts centre in North London for 40 years, and is also the UK’s leading supporter of contemporary circus. Much of its busy programme is aimed at children, young people and families
    Read our interview with Artistic Director Adrian Berry
  • @artsdepot artsdepot in North Finchley is an award-winning multiplatform arts venue. Visit their great studio space for weekly children’s theatre performances
  • @polkatheatre Polka Theatre in Wimbledon was the first children’s theatre in the UK, and remains the only venue to have a dedicated space for early years       performances
  • @YorkTheatre Along with tutti frutti, York Theatre Royal present the Little Feet Festival of Children’s Theatre every two years, presenting the best shows touring the UK for children aged 6 months to 12 years
  • @TheGulbenkian The Gulbenkian in Kent offers a high-quality arts programme, keeping the empowerment of children and young people at the core of their activity
  • @macrobert The Macrobert Arts Centre is Central Scotland’s leading arts venue with a commitment to programming work for children and families
  • @LakesideArts Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham presents children’s theatre year round, and is also home to Wheee! Lakeside’s International Children’s Theatre and Dance Festival which has seen tens of thousands of children and families coming to high-quality performances since it started in 2005
  • @Unicorn_Theatre Based in London Bridge, the Unicorn Theatre is a leading professional theatre for young audiences, and has been receiving an increasing amount of praise since the appointment of Purni Morell as the Artistic Director in 2011
  • @TheMontyArts The Mongtomery is a multi-purpose venue in Sheffield city centre specializing in family and children’s programming
  • @z_mcr Z-arts in Manchester is an artistic hub for young people, providing participatory activities and productions
  • @HalfMoonTheatre Half Moon Theatre in Limehouse is a welcoming space that programmes, co-produces and supports innovative work for young people
  • @theeggbath the egg in Bath presents a year-round programme of shows and events for young people aged 18 months to teenagers. It also works with hundreds     of schools and runs the Young People’s Theatre
  • @LittleATheatre This lovely little theatre tucked away in Islington has been called ‘the Home of British Puppetry’. Providing high-quality puppetry productions for over 50 years, the atmosphere at Little Angel Theatre is incomparable
  • @norwich_puppet Norwich Puppet Theatre is a converted medieval church in Norwich. The venue champions puppetry, producing new shows for families          and children which tour both nationally and internationally, and offers training and masterclasses
  • @TheAlbanySE8 Albany Theatre is an arts centre in Deptford, South East London who offer Family Sundays, a programme of weekly family theatre
  • @GreenwichTheatr Greenwich Theatre hosts children’s theatre companies throughout the year, and in particular during the annual Greenwich Children’s Theatre Festival, which takes place around the Easter holidays and May half term
  • @southbankcentre Children’s theatre is performed throughout the year at the Southbank Centre, but particularly notable is the annual Imagine Children’s     Festival which takes place during February half-term. The Royal Festival Hall is taken over with a packed programme aimed at young people, including theatre, dance, music installations, readings and workshops
  • @TheDukesTheatre Audiences can catch family-friendly theatre at The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster throughout the year, but worth particular mention is the venue’s walkabout outdoor theatrical experiences that take place each summer. 2016’s The Hobbit won the 2016 UK Theatre Award for Best Show for Children & Young
  • @CurveLeicester Curve Leicester’s Made at Curve’s Christmas shows have proved very popular. Their co-production with Rose Theatre Kingston of Roald Dahl’s The Twits (which followed the previous year’s adaptation of The Witches), extended its national tour due to audience demand
  • @ClwydTweets Theatr Clwyd in Mold, Wales, has teamed up with Polka Theatre on a couple of recent productions, To Dream Again and Minotaur, as well as regularly programming work for children and families
  • @Ovalhouse Ovalhouse recently announced their commitment to theatre for young audiences, and introduced their first programme of work for children and young people. Watch this space…
    Read our interview with Ovalhouse’s Head of Theatre & Artists’ Development
  • @Discover_Story As well as immersive exhibitions, interactive story worlds, and a story garden, Discover Children’s Story Centre also offers storytelling sessions for babies and toddlers aged 0-3
    Read our review of Drip Drop
  • @chaptertweets Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff programmes productions for children and young people. Theatr Iolo’s main office is based there, so it’s also a great place to catch the company’s work
  • @ShermanTheatre Sherman Theatr, Cardiff, programmes and produces theatre for young audiences and families
  • @LyricChildren Lyric Hammersmith presents children’s theatre in their studio space on Saturdays, and for longer runs during the holidays
  • @TheArkDublin Based in Dublin, The Ark is a cultural centre for children and their families, where audiences can watch performances from Irish and international artists in the child-sized theatre
  • @CHICKENSHED_UK Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company who regularly produce productions for children and young people, as well as offering their Tales From The Shed programme
  • @LutonTheatre Luton Library Theatre has a dedicated families programme every season.


Up Up and Away.png

Up, Up and Away. A Half Moon Theatre and Rose Buford College of Theatre and Performance co-production. Picture:



Lyn Gardner. Picture: The Guardian

  • @guardianstage The Guardian is leading the way when it comes to covering theatre for young audiences. Their series ‘Play time’ has adults and children reviewing family theatre shows
  • @HarryTheSpiv Harry Mottram is the creator and editor of Children’s Theatre Magazine. You can read the magazine’s archive here
  • @lyngardner Long time reviewer for The Guardian, Lyn Gardner was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Arts award in 2013 for championing children’s theatre
  • @ChrisWiegand Chris is the theatre, comedy and dance editor at the Guardian, and regularly writes and includes reviews for children’s theatre
  • @SusanElkinJourn Susan Elkin is an education and arts journalist who has been regularly contributing to The Stage for over 20 years. Her article ‘For goodness sake take theatre for young audiences seriously’ was a great call to arms shared by lovers of theatre for young audiences across the country and around the world
  • @miriamgillinson Miriam Gillinson is The Guardian’s children’s theatre critic, reviewing alongside a child companion for the newspaper’s ‘Play time’ series

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please do tweet us anyone we’ve missed at:

So there you have it – 125 twitter accounts to follow. This is just a small sample of a huge and active online community, but it’s a great start for anyone of any age who loves theatre. Remember – good theatre for children is good theatre for everyone!

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